Sunday, January 27, 2019

Creative color-blocking: goldenrod and fuchsia

dress/t-strap leather clogs/tights
You know it's a good outfit when your husband begs you not to curse his family for not carrying your old little frail self up a mountain...(if you haven't seen the movie Holes or read the book of the same name, I apologize for you missing the reference to the fabulous Madame Zeroni)

similar headband/similar earrings
 This color combination is one that was initially a huge step out of my comfort zone. I love goldenrod yellow, but I would never have thought to pair it with fuchsia (even though they're complementary colors so IDK why I never thought about it before???). I was in a huge rush to get ready today so this whole look was kind of a gamble. Having to teach on Sundays for 9 AM church is a brutal learning curve I am adjusting to, but I *think* I made it work, and managed to come out with my rat's nest hair being well hidden by the Madame Zeroni-esque velvet turban headband. 

Now that I am seeing how this dress photographed I realize that I should probably (who am I kidding...definitely) iron it if I ever plan to get it photographed again hahaha. Today was a beautiful respite from some of the cooler temperatures we have been experiencing in the DFW area. Which means I was able to wear my beloved Lotta clogs (linked above) and this whole ensemble without having ice-cubes for eyeballs and frostbite all over. 

What are some color combinations that you would like to see featured or that you've tried and were surprised that you liked? I'd love to hear from you guys!