Friday, March 16, 2018

prevent pinching without wearing extremes

I'm not going to mince my words...I hate how most holidays are over-commercialized and celebrated here in the U.S. Up there at the top of my list of most cringe-worthy holidays is St. Patrick's Day. I am neither Irish, a drinker, nor do I believe in touching (let alone pinching) people for something stupid like not wearing green...ugh...

I know bright green is also a tough hue for a lot of people to pull off, and I really have to be in the mood to wear it. Overall I tend to gravitate toward muted colors and more earthy tones. So I present you with two options; one dressy and one a little more casual, that will keep pinch happy friends at bay while not looking like a leprechaun threw up on you. 

(I think I was smiling so hard because I absolutely have loved my Valentine's Day gift from Musashi, these amazing Lotta clogs, they're comfy enough for a day of walking around at the Magnolia Market!)

I was so excited about all the pretty floral arrangements and photo backgrounds for my first time at the Magnolia Market at the silos in Waco. I went with a group of friends for the spring festival at the silos and it was a beautiful day and a wonderful time was had by all. My dress worked well in the windy weather with its vintage cut and color, it didn't blow up and scare children, it was comfy and practical and mint green is a universally flattering color in my opinion. 

I recently bought this backpack purse and it is LIFE CHANGING!!! It is functional but still looks good with a variety of outfits and would suit a lot of styles. It also doesn't get in the way and hurt my shoulders the way other purses I've used do. Go get yourselves one at target. I <3 target
That's where the shirt is from as well in my casual minty green look.

H&M has been killing the inexpensive shoe game for quite some time but last spring and this spring they've done exceptionally well. These are comfy, stylish, unique and fun. The idea of wearing green on just your accessories if you really don't want to wear it on your outfit is not a new one but definitely worth revisiting to protect yourself from over-zealous pinchy fingers. 

If people still give you a hard time for not wearing the bright kelly green shades you can just jump on a log and run one needs that kind on insanity and negativity in their lives. This will be easy to do in these super comfy linen pants from Simply Sunday Market. Get your pair (or anything on their site) 10% off using the code HEIDI10. I will be doing a full review of some of their products and my thoughts on my haul from them in the coming week.

With all that said, best of luck on this my least favorite of holidays ;) 

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