Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wickedly Awesome Casuals

Fun fact: some of my earliest memories are about loving dinosaurs. As a child I was pretty favorite movies were Land Before Time and Jurassic Park (gotta the love the '90s). I loved to draw, and most of my art was of dinosaurs. I even had dreams of becoming an archaeologist but when I realized that big dino digs are not likely to occur in one's lifetime I let go of that dream...

I recently discovered a great new website for quirky, amazing casual tees. Wicked Clothes has great prices on original designs like the "Jurassic Bloom" baseball tee that this dinosaur fanatic just had to have. I also own three other designs of theirs and intend to purchase more because they are just SO awesome.

sneakers / skirt

Most of the designs are printed on American Apparel tees, pullovers, and tanks. This means that not only are the designs unisex, they're all 100% made in the U.S and as comfortable and flattering as other American Apparel gear. Most of the designs are also printed on more than one type of shirt; if you live in a warm climate they've got the designs on tanks, if you live in the tundra they've got sweatshirts too. 

Not only are you getting quality cuts and fabrics with amazing designs, you can typically get 20% off and free shipping on most orders off of shirts that are already relatively inexpensive to begin with. What are you waiting for?! You need some of these stunning, funky designs in your life so head over and check out Wicked Clothes!!!