Sunday, April 9, 2017

Covering the basics with Shop Ruche- modest clothing options in a modern world series

Many of my readers and friends often ask me where I get my clothes from. This is a complicated question to answer for a variety of reasons. There is no one "go to" place that I use. I usually prefer shopping second-hand due to personal ethical convictions. But I understand that on occasion it is nice to buy something new and others might not feel comfortable buying used. I have started a series where I will be highlighting a retailer which provides modest clothing options in order to share some of the places I find my modest clothes. 

Being LDS means my definition of modest apparel might be different than yours. I am not here to judge, just showcase places which happen to have options which are a little more covered in the shoulder/arm and leg areas. 

Shop Ruche has been a long time favorite of mine. It is also a great comeback story and one of small business success. They started out as a tiny online boutique catering to a clientele interested in eclectic and unique styles. I happened upon them by accident, browsing one day for something very specific (I was looking for a bold poppy print, and found this poppy skirt which I wore here). 

Right off the bat I noticed a lot of their designs met my needs for more coverage, and while they were a little more spendy than what I was used to buying, they have great online coupon deals and sales when you subscribe. They even have filters you can set for longer length skirts and dresses as well as tops with sleeves.

I literally cried last spring when they announced they were going out of business. I had been asking my husband to get my birthday and Christmas gifts there for years, and I would constantly ogle and admire their cute clothes, shoes and decor. What would I do now that they were gone?!?

Luckily for me, others felt the same way I did, and a few months later they announced their return after enough investors and former clients had shown an interest in keeping their business alive. I was ecstatic! 

 I mean, who else would be able to fill my pleated airplane print maxi dress, silver stiletto heel dreams?

Every single one of the items I have ordered from there has been nothing short of amazing quality, stunning in presentation and fit beautifully. I adore this company and recommend Shop Ruche to all my friends, family, and readers. They have a variety of styles to suit many tastes, and while their price point might be a little higher than what I am used to paying, I can wait patiently for sales and deals and I know I am getting a one-of-a-kind piece that is worth every penny. 

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