Sunday, April 30, 2017

Covering the basics with Dainty Jewell's---modest clothing options in a modern world

This lovely dress and the company which created it are some of the very few reasons why I am genuinely smiling this week. I look pretty serene in most of these shots because this was all taken before the poop hit the fan and my week turned catastrophic... anywho, read on for happier thoughts!!! :)

Dainty Jewells approached me awhile back asking if I would be willing to review their products. I agreed but I wanted to remain authentic and neutral so I did end up paying and ordering online to get the true customer experience and give an unbiased review.

Their vast selection of modest and beautiful dresses and skirts has a little something for everyone. They sell their designs usually with options to choose a unique color and print. The prices reflect the high quality product you are paying for and you truly are getting unique yet timeless pieces for your wardrobe. Every item I ordered is flattering, boasts good fabric and construction, and is comfortable. 
I LOVE that they design and create their own items in house, I always want to support small business and this is a great way to do that. I also adore the vintage vibes they infuse into their designs!!! You know me and my vintage style crush.

For younger girls I would definitely recommend them for formal and semi-formal dances as some of their gorgeous designs lend themselves to these types of occasions perfectly and the price point is actually very reasonable for formal wear. 

All of the designs have sleeves (yay!), higher necklines, and many of them come with the option of a knee-length (ends up being closer to midi on us shorties) and floor-length.

Buying and ordering were a breeze and they do offer an appealing customer loyalty program. Do expect shipping to take a little bit longer than a big box online store because they are after all custom designs and a smaller business :)  
While Dainty Jewells remains an exclusively online boutique they occasionally have pop-up shops and if you subscribe to their newsletter you can find out if they are coming near you!

Overall I was very pleased with my experience shopping at Dainty Jewells and will be featuring more outfits with some of their awesome designs in the future. I am so excited I found out about this lovely company, and while their clothes are a little more money than what I would typically spend they are well worth it and are sure to fetch you lots of compliments and get you a lot of wear and joy. I mean they did manage to keep me smiling and comfy through a torturous week, so who knows how one of their dresses could change your life! ;)

They just rolled out their spring line so go check them out! They do a 50% off mystery dress deal on occasion so make sure to subscribe to their newsletter!

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