Tuesday, June 7, 2016

online consign like a pro: the vinted special

This is the second in a series of blog posts about online consignment (here is the one on ThredUp). This is featuring my favorite of the apps I use to sell and buy clothes, shoes and accessories...VINTED
Oh and also featuring the bright pink wall I have been dying to take pictures in front of.

Pink wall was slightly disappointing, the ground sinks and then there was a faint smell of dumpster or dog doodoo and the color was NOT doing anything for my complexion

How it Works (Seller Side):

  • Vinted has both an application for smartphones/tablets and a website for computer use, it is free to sign up, all you need is an email address and bank/paypal information
  • The website and app are both extremely user friendly, when you want to sell you begin by taking good pictures of the item you want to sell (this is the key to selling in my opinion, great pictures)
  • Once you have your pictures uploaded you can describe your item, categorize it by size, type, color, etc and give it a title, and use hashtags to try and identify your items in a search as many ways as possible
  • Your post will be confirmed and then you wait! Sometimes if your pictures are really good and your item is in season and trendy it will get featured on the main page, this is great because it will be viewed by more people 
  • Each item you upload makes up your closet, other users can choose to follow your closet and favorite your items 
  • Once an item has sold you are responsible for sending it in a timely manner but Vinted provides the shipping label so all you need to do is package it and drop it off at a designated pick up location for USPS
  • As a seller you receive 81% of the profit (on higher priced items they cap the selling fees at $5)
  • You can receive feedback on your purchases and sales (kind of like eBay)
  • Vinted accepts many things, women's clothes, shoes, accessories, and even beauty supplies now. Men's and children's apparel is also accepted which is great because not all platforms have that option
  • There is a forum where you can reach out to other users and a section where you can see what people are looking for, which if you are motivated and engaged will help you make more sales
  • If you get tired of the app but want to return at some point, or if you legitimately go out of town there is a "vacation" mode which will hide your items and prevent you from getting in trouble if someone buys your item while you are unavailable to send it 
  • Swapping/trading is always a safe and basically free option to get rid of items in exchange for something you love if the other party agrees, this feature is another one that puts Vinted a cut above the rest in my opinion


The Shopper Pros and Cons:

  • A HUGE selection on everything you could possibly think of, though the children and men's sections are still growing (they were recently added features) there are a variety of styles, price ranges, and sizes available 
  • There is a way to personalize and filter based on sizes and brands in your "feed" (which is the home page so to speak)
  • Searching for specific items is easy and you can use filters much like your feed, and then you can easily add them to your favorites list by clicking on a small heart icon
  • There is a messaging feature for each item to contact the seller to try and ask questions about it, make an offer, try to swap or simply buy the item
  • You can make offers on an item which you want at a cheaper price, create bundles of several items from a single closet 

  • The only con I have found is that you do have to pay for shipping as a buyer which can sometimes be high, and as a seller you are at the mercy of others to purchase your items. I can say with experience that you pretty much get out of it what you put in, if you put work into your closet you will be rewarded with increased interest in your items.

All parts of the outfit except accessories are from Vinted and cost well under $5 each. I often tie my button up shirts with tight high waisted items to give it a laid back and retro look.

Final Recommendations:

I cannot recommend this app enough, it has honestly changed the way I shop and try to recycle my wardrobe. About 2/3 of my current wardrobe was either swapped through there or bought off of there and I have gotten rid of over 200 of my own items. I love that I am not only getting a great deal or giving someone a great deal on something I don't love anymore but that I am saving the planet by doing so. The community on Vinted is great too, it does make a difference if you enjoy interacting with awesome people.
 I hardly ever buy anything new anymore, typically I only do so if I have received a gift card, and I try not to ever throw anything out because the clothing industry is a major pollutant. 

Today is Vinted Day! Get out there and make your account and go buy, sell, and trade to your heart's content :) 

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