Sunday, May 21, 2017

style across generations---le style à travers les générations

I wore this outfit on the day that the U.S. celebrated Mother's Day. I got to thinking about how my mom and her mom have inspired and continue to inspire me. 

My mom learned from her mom that you can be stylish and maintain your personal convictions and comfort zones with regard to modesty. I am thankful to my mom for then passing down this lesson, and helping me come to that conclusion on my own as I grew older and more independent.
My mother and grandmother are shining beacons of class, beauty, inner strength and light. I want to make them proud and find myself thinking of what they might say when I dress myself.

Neither my mom nor my grandma are slaves to trends. They have their own style, they are thrifty and wise with their purchases. I continue to try and consider the versatility of my purchases, if they are true to my style and if they are financially reasonable.

My grandma let me have some of her clothes when I last went to visit her; they are timeless and beautiful and I will cherish them forever. My mom and I constantly trade and wear one another's things as well. 

Most of all, they both have taught me that while what you present on the outside can help you feel confident and help you express yourself it is what is on the inside that truly matters. I love these women and love the influence they have had on my life, and for so much more than their style! 

Mamie (grandma) in the blue cutout dress on the far right, maman (mom) in the middle in the teal midi dress circa the 1980s

Maman a few years ago with my brother, all dressed up and looking lovely

En pensant à la fête des mères je pense à la manière dont maman et mamie m'ont influencé et continuent de m'influencer. 
Ma mamie a appris a ma mère qu'il est possible d'être chic en restant pudique. Ainsi ma mère m'a enseigner la même leçon, et j'en suis reconnaissante. Ma mère et ma grand-mère sont des femmes fortes, rayonnantes, et classes. Quand je m'habille je pense souvent à elles et j'essaie de faire des choix qui les rendraient fières. 

Ma mère m'a aussi appris qu'il faut choisir ses achats judiciseusement. Ni elle ni ma mamie sont victimes des tendances de mode. Je reste fidèle à mes goûts et mon style personnel car elles m'ont appris à le faire. J'essaie de faire de sages décisions financières même si j'aime beaucoup la mode. Ma mère m'a montrer à maintes reprises qu'il n'y a pas besoin de dépenser beaucoup pour avoir de belles tenues. 
Ma mamie et ma mère m'ont donner de leurs vêtements et je les porte souvent car elles ont un style que j'adore. Elles m'ont montrer qu'un ensemble peut te donner de la confiance et t'aider à t'exprimer. Mais elles m'ont aussi montrer que ce qu'il se trouve à l'interieur est beaucoup plus important que ce que tu portes. Merci à deux femmes magnifiques qui m' ont tant appris par leurs merveilleux exemples. Je vous aime!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

doodle of the day 4---dessin du jour 4

Here is another submission for Roots and Wings Creative, a historical legend from the area I am from in France. It is a little longer than the last one though...

Ufon and his brothers

Queen Furca and King Gothard were two royals very much in love. Their kingdom was large and beautiful as it spread across the Alps into modern day France and Switzerland.
                Though they tried for many years to build their family, they were unsuccessful and heartbroken. Desperate, they turned to the woods, where they had heard a sorcerer lived. Clothed in peasant’s garb they went on their quest in the night to find the one who they thought could grant them a child, their one true wish.
                A cabin was looming in the distance and the royal couple approached the warm, inviting homestead. The sorcerer invited Furca and her husband in, and he introduced himself as Renaud. After a small chat about the king and queen’s desires to expand their family, Renaud sent them on their way, promising them something grandiose as they left the cabin: “You will have three sons; one to rule over the sky, one over the earth, and one over the waters”. Confused by the cryptic statement but overjoyed at the thought that they were finally going to be able to bear a child, the twosome hurriedly made their way back through the woods, heading to their castle.
                Indeed, the queen did go on to bear three sons. And bear is not meant to be tongue in cheek, as I tell you the rest of this story…
                Furca’s oldest son Edouard, was born shortly after her visit to Renaud. He was beautiful and regal. But an eagle! The people of the kingdom were slightly confused but also delighted. As an eaglet, he could live happily in the castle and on the grounds, but as he grew older and wilder, Edouard had to be put in a cage in the forest bordering the castle, hidden from mind and view.
                Later came Albert, whose royal parents were anticipating and anxiously awaiting to see what their next child would turn out to be. He was a bear! Again, as a cub he was the delight of the kingdom and the court, but as he got older he had to be chained in the same area as his brother Edouard.
                Finally, Furca’s third pregnancy came and went. This one was the most surprising of all, as her third son Ufon was a dolphin! He started out living in a small tub, surrounded by his loving parents and the closest members of the court. Ufon outgrew tub into the pond of the courtyard, he became playful and even a little mischievous, hiding out in the water lilies and coming out squirting water on ladies of the court at the most unexpected of times.
                As he continued to grow he needed more space to swim and turn and do flips; Ufon ended up needing to move to the lake that bordered the castle, right next to his brothers in the woods.  Gothard and his wife were increasingly sorrowful as they turned to every medicine they could think of to try and offer their sons a more normal life. Renaud the sorcerer was nowhere to be found and the brothers grew increasingly restless.
                One day as Furca was crying and mourning her sons’ freedom, she decided to visit them in their prison sanctuary. Her tears dropped on Edouard’s shiny feathers as he gazed longingly at the sky, then on Albert’s thick fur as he roared a low gentle roar, and finally on Ufon’s shiny forehead as he peeked out of the water listlessly. She realized what Renaud had meant when he said her sons would rule the sky, the earth and the water. Just as she was coming to this conclusion, the sorcerer ventured out of the very woods where Furca was visiting her sons. Enraged she threw herself at Renaud, who grasped the queen tightly and whispered something in her ear: “Your sons must prove themselves to claim their human form and their thrones. They must be valiant, good, and true to the point where another pure soul recognizes their worth and frees them from their bonds”
                Renaud vanished without a trace, leaving Furca in a heap in the woods as night began to fall. A worried Gothard searched the grounds before it got dark, eventually coming to find his wife and sons. The king and queen discussed the sorcerer’s words, and they freed their sons in hopes they in turn could free themselves from their animal form. Edouard flew off into the peaks of the Alps, Albert ran deeper into the woods, and Ufon was released into the Isere river’s flows.

                Edouard was eventually trapped by a nobleman and brought to live on his magnificent grounds. Edouard would stay tethered to a certain area by a thin gold chain, and he preened and made the best he could of the bad situation. He was, after all, surrounded by perfectly manicured fruit and flowering trees.
On one of her walks, the nobleman’s daughter saw Edouard and was stunned by his golden plumage. He was equally taken by her, and her light laughter and easygoing attitude. Edouard picked some fruit off a tree and delicately dropped it into her lap. Argovia was the nobleman’s daughter, and she would continue to go on walks more and more frequently, in hopes of seeing the beautiful eagle who usually had a small token for her. Argovia’s father grew more pressing in his efforts to marry off his daughter to a knight or other nobleman’s son, but his daughter was strong willed and clever; she would only marry someone who she loved and respected and who returned those affections. The young woman was so frustrated at her feelings of being trapped that she stormed into the gardens and realized she should free the creature who had been nothing but kind to her and was also currently trapped. Edouard, once freed from the gold chain transformed into a handsome young knight. Argovia couldn’t contain her shock and thrill as she brought young Edouard to her father and SHE asked for the young man’s hand in marriage. Edouard and Argovia ended up ruling over the town of Aarburg in the Alps.

                Albert got caught in a trap in the woods, but the hunters found him to be so gentle and clever that they sold him instead to a traveling circus as a guard and performing animal. Poor Albert found himself having traded one set of chains for another. He traveled from town to town and consoled himself in the thought that he was at least able to see more of the world than he had before. Eventually his group of performers came to the town of Bern. Albert one day noticed a group of men getting a little too close to a young woman behind his troupe’s performing tent. He broke his chains and charged at them to protect the victim. The woman, named Constance, ever grateful, exclaimed that never had an animal acted so brave and virtuous and at that moment Albert took on his human form of a strong, young prince. He courted Constance, and the people of Bern admired his continued bravery and virtue, so they wanted him as their leader. Constance and Albert eventually wed and ruled the kingdom of Bern, which became known as the town of the bear.

                Ufon meandered throughout the river Isere’s flows. He was still quite young and loved to visit the banks of the river’s busiest towns, full of light and life. A beautiful, warm summer’s day brought with it a royal birthday celebration, and Ufon couldn’t stay away from all the excitement. The princess Vienna who was the honor of the occasion and her family and friends, were all on a large boat on the river. Music was playing, people were dancing and the festivities were carrying on when a rock and wayward current rocked the boat in such a way that Vienna fell overboard. She struggled with the swirl and crashing of the waters around her. Thankfully, Ufon was there to rescue her. He carried her to the banks of the Isere, and waited for her to get back on her feet. Vienna rose from the sand and crouched, looking around, wanting to thank the person who had saved her life. All she saw was a brilliant, scarlet colored dolphin’s tail poking out of the water. She got closer to the bank and coaxed Ufon toward her. He was taken and his usually boisterous personality turned shy. Vienna’s dark hair still dripping she kissed her rescuer’s bottle shaped nose near the edge of the water. When she stepped back a young handsome prince was there on the banks, smiling at her though he was soaking wet. The king of the land was so pleased with Ufon’s heroic act he promised the young prince the crown and Vienna’s hand in marriage when the time would come for them to be of age. Young princes in France were always known as the “Dauphin” (dolphin) from that time forward, and the coat of arms of the Dauphiné region (where the French city of Vienna can be found) still bear dolphins with bright blue bodies and scarlet fins and tails. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Covering the basics with Dainty Jewell's---modest clothing options in a modern world

This lovely dress and the company which created it are some of the very few reasons why I am genuinely smiling this week. I look pretty serene in most of these shots because this was all taken before the poop hit the fan and my week turned catastrophic... anywho, read on for happier thoughts!!! :)

Dainty Jewells approached me awhile back asking if I would be willing to review their products. I agreed but I wanted to remain authentic and neutral so I did end up paying and ordering online to get the true customer experience and give an unbiased review.

Their vast selection of modest and beautiful dresses and skirts has a little something for everyone. They sell their designs usually with options to choose a unique color and print. The prices reflect the high quality product you are paying for and you truly are getting unique yet timeless pieces for your wardrobe. Every item I ordered is flattering, boasts good fabric and construction, and is comfortable. 
I LOVE that they design and create their own items in house, I always want to support small business and this is a great way to do that. I also adore the vintage vibes they infuse into their designs!!! You know me and my vintage style crush.

For younger girls I would definitely recommend them for formal and semi-formal dances as some of their gorgeous designs lend themselves to these types of occasions perfectly and the price point is actually very reasonable for formal wear. 

All of the designs have sleeves (yay!), higher necklines, and many of them come with the option of a knee-length (ends up being closer to midi on us shorties) and floor-length.

Buying and ordering were a breeze and they do offer an appealing customer loyalty program. Do expect shipping to take a little bit longer than a big box online store because they are after all custom designs and a smaller business :)  
While Dainty Jewells remains an exclusively online boutique they occasionally have pop-up shops and if you subscribe to their newsletter you can find out if they are coming near you!

Overall I was very pleased with my experience shopping at Dainty Jewells and will be featuring more outfits with some of their awesome designs in the future. I am so excited I found out about this lovely company, and while their clothes are a little more money than what I would typically spend they are well worth it and are sure to fetch you lots of compliments and get you a lot of wear and joy. I mean they did manage to keep me smiling and comfy through a torturous week, so who knows how one of their dresses could change your life! ;)

They just rolled out their spring line so go check them out! They do a 50% off mystery dress deal on occasion so make sure to subscribe to their newsletter!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Covering the basics with Shop Ruche- modest clothing options in a modern world series

Many of my readers and friends often ask me where I get my clothes from. This is a complicated question to answer for a variety of reasons. There is no one "go to" place that I use. I usually prefer shopping second-hand due to personal ethical convictions. But I understand that on occasion it is nice to buy something new and others might not feel comfortable buying used. I have started a series where I will be highlighting a retailer which provides modest clothing options in order to share some of the places I find my modest clothes. 

Being LDS means my definition of modest apparel might be different than yours. I am not here to judge, just showcase places which happen to have options which are a little more covered in the shoulder/arm and leg areas. 

Shop Ruche has been a long time favorite of mine. It is also a great comeback story and one of small business success. They started out as a tiny online boutique catering to a clientele interested in eclectic and unique styles. I happened upon them by accident, browsing one day for something very specific (I was looking for a bold poppy print, and found this poppy skirt which I wore here). 

Right off the bat I noticed a lot of their designs met my needs for more coverage, and while they were a little more spendy than what I was used to buying, they have great online coupon deals and sales when you subscribe. They even have filters you can set for longer length skirts and dresses as well as tops with sleeves.

I literally cried last spring when they announced they were going out of business. I had been asking my husband to get my birthday and Christmas gifts there for years, and I would constantly ogle and admire their cute clothes, shoes and decor. What would I do now that they were gone?!?

Luckily for me, others felt the same way I did, and a few months later they announced their return after enough investors and former clients had shown an interest in keeping their business alive. I was ecstatic! 

 I mean, who else would be able to fill my pleated airplane print maxi dress, silver stiletto heel dreams?

Every single one of the items I have ordered from there has been nothing short of amazing quality, stunning in presentation and fit beautifully. I adore this company and recommend Shop Ruche to all my friends, family, and readers. They have a variety of styles to suit many tastes, and while their price point might be a little higher than what I am used to paying, I can wait patiently for sales and deals and I know I am getting a one-of-a-kind piece that is worth every penny. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

flannel and velvet vibes---ambiance de velour et de flanelle

My coworkers and I were talking about the fact that it never got cold this winter in Houston. As in, we never got to bust out anything thicker than a cardigan. We are talking, sweating and pitting out in jeans and t-shirts at recess in February. Feeling not just warm, but HOT in winter is an oddity for me.

Mes collègues et moi étiont en train de discuter à propos du temps et comme quoi il n'y a pas vraiment eu de rafraichissment des températures cette année. Genre, on a pas eu l'occasion de porter plus qu'un petit pull. Style, on transpire comme des cochons à la récré tous les jours en t-shirts et en jeans. C'est vraiment affreux d'avoir chaud en plein hiver. 

This outfit was worn on one of our "colder" days of the season (I think we had a high in the 50s) and it showcases two of my favorite fabrics that are coming back into style. Flannel and velvet! I think they are great fabrics for cooler weather as well as transitioning from or into cooler seasons (fall and spring).

Cette tenue je l'ai porté lors d'un de nos jours ultra rare où il a fait "frais"  (dans les 10-15 degrés) et je l'aime parce que les matières sont de bons tissus pour quand il fait frais ou froid; le velour et la flanelle.

La jupe est d'occasions et vient des années '90s. C'est une jupe en velour d'un joli marron qui ne se présente pas super bien en photos. Vous pouvez trouvez ceci plus facilement en ligne avec etsy ou ebay. 

The skirt is vintage velvet and is actually a dark chocolatey brown but its gloriousness doesn't photograph quite that well. It was a miraculous Deseret Industries find from several years ago back in Utah, it must have cost me about $3. I love that velvet is coming back, but again, when do you find occasions to wear such a sumptuously warm fabric in places. You can find similar skirts on etsy and ebay, with stuff like this you will have better luck searching places where you can find vintage items. 

I've featured these booties before (I adore them but they are sold out now), here are some similar ones

J'ai déja porté ces bottines auparavant, ModCloth ne les vent plus, mais on peut en trouver des semblables ici

I picked up this vintage ruffled-collar, plaid top at Deseret Industries for $1 back in Utah, but you can find similar ones here and here. I love the pattern, the warm texture, and the collar detail but don't get to wear it as often as I'd like because of how warm it is.

Il y a des années de ça quand je vivais en Utah j'ai trouvée cette chemise merveilleuse chez Deseret Industries pour un dollar américain. J'adore les couleurs, la matière, et l'encollure. Je n'ai pas l'occasion de la porter aussi souvent que je voudrais car il fait trop chaud. Voici deux exemples ici et ici de chemises qui lui ressemble.

My wool hat is a vintage find from Vinted but you can find a similar one here.

Mon chapeau en laine vient de Vinted mais j'en ai trouver un presque identique ici

What are some of your favorite cool weather combinations? Let me know in the comments and make sure to follow me on instagram at chez_heidi!

Quelles sont vos matières préférées pour le temps froids? Dites-moi ce que vous en pensez dans les commentaires et n'oubliez pas de me suivre sur instagram @chez_heidi!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

looks inspired by MUSIC ft. Torres---look inspiré de la MUSIQUE de Torres

Hey everyone! I want to make this one short and sweet but I make no promises because I can talk five-ever. That is longer than forever...

I have been loving Torres' music for a long time now but have particularly been loving her track Cowboy Guilt  as of late. The tune is catchy and the lyrics are clever, not to mention the artist's voice is beautiful and unique. Give it a listen! She has other really good tracks too and if you follow the link to Cowboy Guilt you will find other tracks of hers on her Youtube channel. They're good tracks for getting into a project or studying.

I tried to make an ode to the Wild West with the colors and fabrics and cuts of this outfit. I love this rusty orange color lately, and the t-shirt dress it comes in is so comfy. Originally a Vinted find, similar can be found here. These desert type boots were a Christmas gift from my husband from ModCloth. The scarf was a gift from my sister a few years back, similar can be found here. The denim jacket is a Vinted vintage find but similar can be found here

Voici un look inspiré de la musique de la chanteuse Torres. Une chanson que j'aime beaucoup en ce moment ce titule Cowboy Guilt  et me fait penser à là où je vis en ce moment. Je me suis inspirée donc du Wild West des États-Unis avec les couleurs et les textures que je portent. Torres a une belle voix, beaucoup de talent et d'imagination, et ça musique est à la fois détendue et amusante. Je vous conseil d'y écouter un petit coup. 

Robe de Vinted, semblable ici
Bottines de ModCloth
Écharpe cadeau de ma soeur, semblable ici
Veste en jean d'occasions, semblable ici

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

doodle of the day 3- dessin du jour 3

This "doodle" is one that I am submitting as part of an artistic collaboration with Roots and Wings Creative, they focus on promoting cultural story telling (roots) and artistic expression (wings). This story is a traditional fairy tale from the French Alps (where I am from) and the image is my own work. 

Long ago, the brave knight Béranger hailing from a valley nestled in the French Alps, was on his journey home after a victorious battle in Brittany. During his travels Béranger met an intelligent, beautiful, and charming lady from Poitou named Mélusine.  She grew to love Béranger as he turned out to be as gentle and caring as he was brave. The two romantics were wed that spring in Poitou and Mélusine gladly began her move to Sassenage, the location of Béranger’s large castle and estate.

While everything about these newlyweds appeared to be perfectly ordinary, Mélusine had only become adept at hiding a part of herself from the rest of the world. She was a siren fairy. While bathing, a tail would replace her legs. Mélusine was a sight to behold in the water; her hair glowed, her eyes brightened, her voice sang clear and strong, and her tail was a scintillating aqua blue marvel.  
As soon as she stepped out of the water Mélusine would go back to being human, but if ever anyone were to behold her in siren form, she would be cursed to remain a siren forever. Mélusine had been considering a permanent siren identity to be a desirable option as she had recently experienced a series of underwhelming and disappointing suitors. Believing she would never find a man as kind, strong, and hard working as Béranger she soon changed her mind upon getting to know him. Mélusine now feared the possibility that he would discover her secret. Thankfully, the customs of the time made it easy for Mélusine to continue to hide her alternate identity from her beloved Béranger. Even married men and women rarely witnessed each other bathing.

As the couple traveled from Poitou in western France to Sassenage in eastern France, spring turned to summer, and they arrived at Béranger’s estate during the hottest time of the year. Béranger went right to work helping his hired hands and extended family care for the large estate and ready it for a fall harvest while Mélusine settled in and explored her new surroundings.

The majestic mountains of the Vercors surrounding Sassenage were full of caves containing refreshing springs. One day as Mélusine was trying to escape the heat, she slipped into one of these caves and noticed the inviting waters beckoning her to take a dip. She assumed her siren form and began singing for she was immeasurably happy in her new life and enjoying her bath.  

Béranger working in a nearby field heard his wife’s lovely voice echoing through the mountains and into the valley. He decided to take a rest from his labors to pay her a surprise visit and followed the sound of the singing. Neither of the two fully understood what was happening as Béranger entered the cave and his eyes fell first upon his wife’s clothes, then her bathing, and finally the siren’s tail. He cried out her name in shock and she turned around with tears in her eyes, for she now realized her fate was sealed.

Mélusine told Béranger she loved him but that she was now consigned to a life in the caves’ springs. The two embraced and wept, Béranger collected Mélusine’s tears which were now small stones that she claimed could heal maladies of the eyes and he left the cave too painful to return to. He engraved her image, a beautiful siren, on the stones of his castle.

Sirens are immortal, so while Béranger eventually passed away Mélusine lives on. The network of caves and springs are complex and Mélusine has become good at hiding, much the way she hid her fateful secret from Béranger. The sound of her cries for him are impressive and terrifying as they whistle through the mountains and valleys. Some think it is the wind, but you can still find small, clear stones in the caves of Sassenage which some have said can heal the eyes.